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To learn more about the Digital Cultural Heritage Community Project, view the Abstract of our original proposal to IMLS.

See News Articles for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign press releases about the DCHC, as well as a news article from Central Illinois local newspapers.

We submit reports to IMLS every six months. Our first report was issued at the end of October, 1999. The latest report was issued at the end of April, 2000. Choose Reports to download those reports(PDF format). As more project reports are written, they will be included here.

Finally, if you would still like to learn more about the DCHC, go to Presentations. Here, you will see a list of short presentations which we have given at different conferences and workshops.

News Articles:
Technology Grant to Fund Electronic DB of Historical Material 12/22/98
Museum in the Classroom 1/6/99

Friendscript Fall/Winter 2000
Digital Library Federation Newsletter October 2000


Project Abstract, News Articles, Reports and more