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Civil War Battle Cubes

Created By: Marilyn Cimino, Dr.Howard Elementary School (Champaign, IL)
Grade Level: 4th
Content Area: Social Studies

Lesson Plan Objective

*NOTE: This activity will most likely take two days so plan accordingly.*

Student Materials:

Teacher Materials:


  1. Explain to students that they will be picking one of the major battles of the Civil War, researching it, and creating a battle cube.
  2. There are six sides to a cube, therefore on each side students must answer one of the following questions or do one of the following things.
    • a. Top of Cube: Name the Battle and Illustrate
    • b. Side 1: Where did the battle take place?
    • c. Side 2: Who were the major players of the battle?
    • d. Side 3: What was the outcome of the battle
    • e. Side 4: An interesting fact about the battle.
    • f. Bottom of Cube: Student Name and Date
  3. Allow the students a whole class period to gather information about the battle. If they have gathered all of the information, they may start on the cube.
  4. On day two, allow the students to assemble the cubes. It will be easier for the students to write their information on the cube before they cut it out and assemble it. If the student has chosen a dark colored construction paper, make sure they write their information on white paper that will be pasted to each side.
  5. When cubes are done, they will be displayed around the room.


Students will be assessed on the battle cube project according to the rubric.