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Bloomington Star Diary and DSD Advertisements

Created By: Michael Marassa, Edison Middle School (Champaign, IL)
Grade Level: 7th-8th
Content Area: Language Arts/Social Studies
Database Integration: Students will analyze this advertisement and others on the DSD database to work on critical thinking skills.

Illinois Learning Standards Achieved

Standard Achieved

Standard that Meets this Standard

1.c.3c: Compare, contrast, and evaluate ideas and information from various sources and genres. Students will analyze characteristics of older advertisements and write about the differences and similarities with a modern advertisement.


Advertising Terms or Techniques:


  1. Students are taught Advertising techniques and given examples of each in current media forms.
  2. Look at Bloomington Dairy advertisement and have students brainstorm items that they notice within the advertisement. List details on the board.
  3. Discuss what they notice about the images - stars, pictures, woman, etc.
  4. Analyze text and images and how they relate to persuasive advertising techniques.
  5. Assign students to small group (2-3 students) and have them search the DSD database using keyword advertisements.
  6. Students select an advertisement and write an analysis of the ad. Group will then make connections to advertising techniques and present results to class.
  7. Group write up is handed in to teacher.


Students will be formally evaluated on their group presentation to the class. They receive credit for quality of advertisement analysis, ability to connect or show contrast to advertising techniques, and oral speaking skills. Students are informally assessed for group participation and group write up of results.