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Depression Photo Essay

Created By: John Neubaum, Armstrong Township High School (Armstrong, IL)
Grade Level: 11th
Content Area: History
Database Integration: Each student will have a set period of time to research the TDC database in order to find a photograph of the Depression that would be the primary source for an essay about the Depression.

Illinois Learning Standards Achieved

Standard Achieved

Activity that Meets this Standard

STATE GOAL 16: Understand events, trends, individuals and movements shaping the history of Illinois, the United States and other nations. Each student will be given the length of the unit to research the TDC database to find a primary source picture that is the focal point of an essay about the Depression. The essay will be a formal five-paragraph essay. The topic of the essay will vary, but center on the Depression i.e. Riding the Rails, Bonus Army, New Deal, CCC, etc. Looking at the photo anyone will be able to describe the topic of the essay.


Computer lab, printer


  1. Students search the TDC database
  2. Students use the writing process to write a formal essay on a specific event during the Depression.


A teacher created rubric that is presented and discussed at the start of the unit will assess each student on the entire project.