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Great Questions

Created By: Chris Bohne, Adlai E Stevenson II Elementary School (Bloomington, IL)
Grade Level: 4th
Content Area: Science/Language Arts/Social Studies
Database Integration: For this project students will use the computer lab once a week to access TDC database for resources for their projects.

Illinois Learning Standards Achieved

Standard Achieved

Activity that Meets this Standard

STATE GOAL 3.B: Students will determine what questions have to be asked to compose well-organized and coherent writing for specific purposes and audiences. Students pick a person they would want to interview. Create 10 interview questions. Students will read a biography of a famous writer, historical figure, or scientist; they will share information about the person in a book report or presentation.
STATE GOAL 5.A: Students will create written responses that answer questions, solve problems or communicate ideas. Students will develop a newscast with at least 2 news stories with the: who, what, when, where, and why of a story. Students will develop five clues that describe a major landform of a continent or country.
STATE GOAL 11.A: Students will know and use the scientific method and its parts to answer questions. Students will ask a question and design a simple experiment using the scientific method to answer the question, make a hypothesis, record data, and draw conclusions.
STATE GOAL 13B: Students will integrate technology in the design, data collection, and reporting of a simple experiment. Students will make a chart that shows the top five best questions scientists of the past have pondered. Name the scientist and the time period of the discovery.
STATE GOAL 17A: Students will use the five themes of geography to compare and contrast regions. Students will design a brochure that shows the climate, landforms, people, customs, resources, and major attractions of a country or continent. Students create a map that shows the landforms and natural resources of a country or continent.


Computer lab, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Word, digital camera, and digital video camera


  1. Students are provided with great questions tic-tac-toe activities.
  2. Students are given a lesson in scientific method.
  3. Students are given a lesson on 5 themes of geography.
  4. Students are given a lesson on developing interview questions.
  5. Students choose three tic-tac-toe activities.
  6. Students are given a lesson on creating brochures using Microsoft Word.
  7. Students are taught how to use digital video/still cameras.
  8. Students are shown TDC Database and how to search it.
  9. Students will generate rubrics to assess and evaluate tic-tac-toe activities.


Students will develop a rubric to assess each component of the tic-tac-toe activities. Teacher will use student-generated rubrics to assess individual student activities.