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World War II Veteran Interview Project

Created By: Paul Hohulin, Centennial High School (Champaign, IL)
Content Area: U.S. History


  1. Students will conduct videotaped interviews with World War II veterans for their special project in U.S. History. Students will be responsible for setting up the interview from a list of contacts provided by the teacher. The students will conduct interviews in groups of four.
  2. Students may conduct the interviews in room 119 at Centennial High School or at another setting of their choice. Each student will select one of the following duties in their group:
    • 1- Interviewer- formulates interview questions and conducts the interview
    • 2- Camera person- videotapes the interview
    • 3- Computer technician - responsible for editing and titling the interview
    • 4- Producer- responsible for coordinating the interview
  3. Digitized pictures of artifacts that the veteran may have i.e. (medals, pictures, uniforms, papers, etc) may be used in the video. Maps and pictures from library archives may also be used.


Students will be graded on the following categories:

Final video should be at least 30 minutes in length. Students have three weeks to complete the project from start to finish.